Boron Community services district

P.O. Box 1060 . 27167 Carmichael Street . Boron . California . 93596
Phone:  (760) 762-6127 . Fax:  (760) 762-6508

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The Boron Community Services District was established on January 19, 1953, and has been responsible for providing outstanding services ever since.  We are responsible for maintaining and providing to our customers the provisions of water, sewer, and streetlights.

We would like to welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  As an up-to-date entity, we are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to stay in touch with your water district and to be informed about the water and services that we have delivered to you and will continue to deliver to you for years to come.  We hope that your navigating through this site proves to be a pleasant, enjoyable, and informative experience.

Our goal is, and always has been, to provide to you a safe and dependable water supply.  We are committed to providing you with this information about your water supply because customers who are well informed are our best allies in supporting improvements necessary to maintain the highest drinking water standards.

We ask that all of our customers help us to protect our water sources, which are the heart of our community, our way of life, and our children's future.

We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of public information as soon as possible.  In order to keep up with our high standards of service, we will be updating our website on a regular basis.  So please check this site on a regular basis to be informed.  This new content managment system will enable us to always keep you up to date and informed.
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