Billing Information



District bills are due the 20th of every month.  If the 20th falls on a weekend,  the customer will have the following business day to make payment.  The bill becomes delinquent if not paid by this date.  Upon delinquency of this bill, all service covered by this bill will be discontinued as of the "termination date" set forth on the late bill (which is printed the following business day after the bills are due), and a basic penalty of 10 percent of the amount of the bill will be added from the first day of delinquency, and an additional penalty of 1 percent of the amount of the bill and basic penalty will be added for each month during the time the bill remains unpaid after its delinquent date.  If a customer receives a 48-hour shut-off notice, the District reserves the right to  demand payment of the ENTIRE balance due on the account to avoid the discontinuing of service.  If service is discontinued, a re-connection  fee of $25.00 will be charged in order to re-establish service.

Please Note:  The due date of the 20th on the bills sent out after the late bills will not apply to the past due balance on the late bills.  The late bills need to be paid by their due date.

The  procedure for requesting payment arrangements or extensions for a water  bill is to come into the District office and request a "Payment  Arrangement" Form.


Photocopies for 25 cents per page

Faxes for $2.00 for the first page and 50 cents for each additional page

There is a District payment drop box available in the Boron Food Market  located at 27037 Twenty Mule Team Road for our customers' convenience.

There is also a Southern California Edison payment drop box available in the office lobby, but there is no guarantee of payments being collected the same day as placed in the payment box.  The days for collection vary.